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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 27, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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researcher and a couple accused of killing him. good evening, everyone. >> court records showed despite a well-documented history of violence, a judge allowed him to remain free on probation, even when he was arrested for armed robbery three months ago. 11 news reported kerry cavanaugh is live. >> he has been at the courthouse.twice in the last year, and he convinced a judge that he deserves to remain on the street even though he violated the terms of his probation. stephen pitcairn should have had a birthday. the woman accused of taking his life appeared in court and heard the charges against her, including conspiracy. a judge denied bail for levelva
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wagner. sheet has enough paper to cover a conference table and spans 20 years. there was this alleged holed up in april. it shows wagner choking and biting a man over $7. the state attorney's office charged him with arm robbery note -- armed robbery. >> we could not proceed without the victim. >> they believe prosecutors should have pursued the case more aggressively to get him off of the street. >> his murder, like many others in baltimore, was not just senseless, it was preventable. >> when pitcairn was killed, wagner had been on probation for us all. wagner told the judge she was battling addiction and mental health issues and had taken a
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job and a law firm to support his family. the george pulte -- judge told him he was on the right track and declined to send him to jail. >> these violent criminals are arrested, only to have their charges dismissed. >> the judge did not return our calls for comment today. there was evidence that they believes links the couple to the murder, and that includes the cell phone and wallet. reporting live, i am kerry cavanaugh, wbal tv 11 news. >> more about that newborn who was thrown from a second-floor window by its own mother. tonight, neighbors remain shocked that it even happened. >> in a second-floor bathroom of this reisterstown home last thursday, baltimore county police said a 21-year-old woman gave birth to a young girl, and then she tossed the new board
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out of the window. the child landed 10 to 12 feet below the window in a row of bushes, and moments later, the woman's sister heard the baby cry. >> she found the baby wrapped in a plastic bag. >> the girl was still alive. the family called police, and paramedics rushed her to the hospital. police are investigating why the woman would do this. >> she knew she was pregnant. >> neighbors are shocked to hear what happened. >> she has great parents. her mother and father, you cannot beat them. >> she is a nice girl. she was already going to school. she already had eight kids. she was trying to take care of herself. -- she already had a kid.
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>> the baby will be in custody of maryland social services. in baltimore, wbal tv 11 news. >> juveniles are in custody tonight after they are accused of robbing dozens of light rail customers over the past months. some even involve a gun. police are now investigating crimes on may 23. one man actually allowed police to run surveillance from his home. >> anytime someone stops -- steps up and plays a role, it is a great asset to the police department. >> the young men face a number of charges, including armed robbery. an update now to a story we brought you as breaking news at 5:00. 10 people are now being treated at area hospitals after an mta bus and a van collided. this was in east baltimore.
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according to the mta, the driver failed to stop at the stop sign in rammed into the bus. none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. >> crews are working to clean up water damage, causing 900 people to evacuate the marriott waterfront hotel korean and four-inch water main broke, causing gallons of water to float into the hotel. most soaked into the walls and ceilings -- the marriott waterfront hotel. a four-inch water main broke. >> inside the wall. there was no emergency. just a lot of water. >> guests were relocated in nearby hotels, and they are still not allowed to return to the marriott. there is no word on exactly when. >> in tonight's commitment 2010
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report, politics is often closely tied to how the economy is doing. >> it affects everyone, and in tonight's commitment 2010 coverages is the economy, and what it is doing to you might be a factor for governor. the current governor, martin o'malley, has the slightest of leads over former governor bob ehrlich. the economy is the number-one issue for voters, and if it does not improve by election day, the sitting governor may find himself affected, as well. >> the bottom line is that martin o'malley will lose the voters if they see the economy as bad as it is today. they are driven by how the economy affects them, and that is how they will make judgments about how they feel, and how they feel will be about how they vote. >> some do not believe the economy will improve next year,
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and 19% say they will vote for bob ehrlich. if it jumps up past 20 some%, he could land in office. >> 59% say they approve of the job as senator mikulski is doing in washington, but that is down from one the question was asked in january. as for obama, 51% say they approve of the job he is doing in the white house, and that is also down five points from january. if you would like to see the complete poll, we have posted it on our website, you will find a link on our politics page. >> in the newest development, a shake-up involving baltimore area catholic schools, students will have an option for transportation. the archdiocese says it has a plan to bus students to schools
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throughout the area, and that is something that has not been done before our 11 news reporter has more. >> students of the 13 closed catholic schools have options, hoping they will not leave the system altogether because their new schools are too far away. it is still several weeks away, but this 12-year-old is already getting organized for his first day at his new school. it is a big change. the school he has attended since kindergarten is one of the 13 catholic schools closed earlier this year because of low enrollment and funds. >> transportation. five minutes away. but now, we are looking at 25 minutes. >> but he and hundreds of other students have a new option, a busing plan. >> ken doll was if you can afford it. -- ken dollars if you can afford
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it. -- $10. >> they have come together and made arrangements. all children of the closed catholic elementary city schools to use private bus transportation for $10 per month. >> students to sign on will have a bus pick them up and take them to their new schools. 135 students have signed up so far. they are hoping to get another 600. >> it is a real value for your charitable dollar. it does not take a lot of money to make a huge difference for a lot of kids. >> he says he is putting up about one-third of the money to fund the plan. the archdiocese's is paying the rest. he and his friend and mother are grateful and relieved. >> this is great. this is a great burden lifted, and it will be easier for us.
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>> the archdiocese provided this statement about the idea tonight. "for some families, transportation is a barrier for their continuation in the catholic school. we are happy about the generosity." there was not an exact dollar amount given for funding. the details are still being worked out. reporting live in the newsroom, wbal tv. >> coming up, could job losses be a thing of the past for one baltimore business? details ahead. >> and stimulus money is not doing enough to keep one local industry alive. >> and goodbye to an inner harbor icon. >> back-to-back days with temperatures under 90, a rarity this month. .insta-weather plus straight ahead. baltimore right now, still warm, 80 degrees in downtown.
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>> and then, surgery put on hold. because his insurance company.was a fake. note
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>> feast your eyes. this is the last time it will look like this. tomorrow, they will be turning off the lights, going to war energy efficient led lights. it is expected to cut energy consumption by 70%. >> job losses continued to mount. in our project economy report, the baltimore-based financial institution, legg mason, say there are no plans for more job
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cuts. in may, some people were laid off as part of a restructuring plan to save them millions of dollars, and labor figures show a huge loss in some local jobs, affecting contractors. between june of 2009 and this year, many jobs were lost. federal stimulus money is bringing jobs to the area. one person says it is not enough to offset losses. >> when construction down, new homes are not being billed at the same pace as they used to. the national association of realtors says sales of existing homes nationwide fell more than 5% from may to june, and that contributes to this. home ownership across the country has hit its lowest level in 11 years. according to the census bureau, it fell in the second quarter this year. the midwest had the highest rate
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of ownership, and the west had the lowest. in checking your medical insurance coverage. >> it seems that a company that gives health plans to people across the country is bogus, and many fell victim. >> bob harper needed a pacemaker. >> without that, i am miserable condition. >> she spent time in a hospital with pain and shortness of breath. >> heart failure, congestive heart failure. >> they purchased health insurance from a company doing business out of tennessee. this was a mistake. one way the company gets potential customers, it sent out faxes, and according to regulators, more than 700 in maryland bought it. they spoke with a reporter from our sister station.
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>> basically followed anytime. >> he was paying more than $3,000 in premiums. just days away from getting his pacemaker, he found that it was a fake, and his operation had to be put on hold. adding to his hearty, medical bills. >> net $314. >> she says she paid $425 to join and over $300 per month for the policy. when they did not pay a major bill, they left turk 0 in the hospital $32,000. >> i what it paid. >> the company took in more than $14 million in premium payments. yeah, there is no evidence that they ever had a license to sell insurance in any state. one local woman who did not want
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to appear on tape said she gave them nearly $400 per month. .they did not pay any larger bills, so now, she is stuck paying thousands of dollars. >> they are the worst of the worst. they are bad people who do bad things. it is shameful. >> the company played -- paid smaller claims to keep customers shelling out money. the state of tennessee took the lead, first yet -- filing suit against them and their affiliated companies, and then came a liquidation order. maryland is also involved. the acting insurance commissioner says maryland is among 17 states taking action. the recently issued a cease and desist order. >> it is a scam, scam artists. desires to people's
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protect themselves and their families. >> they have denied they have done anything wrong. the company says it was duped by insurance carriers that should have made good on the claims. we reached an attorney who represented them and an affiliated company that collected the insurance premiums. the attorney refers to them as an organization owned by its members, offering benefits, including low-cost, limited health care. many of the people who bought into the membership, that they realized that? >> i believe so. >> will they get their money back and get their claims paid? what do you think will happen with that with liquidation? >> i do not think he would be reasonable or fair for them to expect that they would get their money back and their claims paid. >> the acting insurance commissioner is hoping consumers will get back at least some of the money they lost, and she
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wants to make sure others in maryland do not fall prey to similar insurance scams. they have to make sure that it is really an insurance company, and we can help you do that. >> maryland residents that have been harmed can file a reimbursement claims. the state insurance administration says you should do that by august 31. for the i-team, i am barry simms. >> to make things worse, boat she lost her job. the hospital did reduce her debt to $8,000, and she still has no health insurance. >> he is hoping to get his pacemaker soon. so how do you know if an insurance company is legitimate? you can go to our website, and click on the i-team. for their customers, you can find a form. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief
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meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> this is the second straight day with temperatures below 90, and that has only happened a couple of days this month, a rarity. it will korea to back in tomorrow, although this time around, the heat will not be so severe -- it will creep back in tomorrow. 66 for the low at the airport, and that is the normal low. storms will to our south. cloud cover moving across the mid-atlantic. this is clearing out nicely, and as we head to the rest of the night -- through the rest of the night, mild temperatures, as it is still 80 degrees in downtown baltimore right now. some 60's in the cooler areas of western maryland in garrett county. not quite as cool as yesterday. still fairly comfortable in the
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morning. an indication that he and humidity are on the way for the afternoon tomorrow -- the heat and humidity are on the way. what was bottled up on the gulf coast has gone right back into the mid-atlantic. increasing heat and humidity and an approaching front brings the possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow. especially to our northwest. a definite line of storms south of the great lakes. this was slammed into the hot air on thursday, with storms and then clearing skies and some nice whether to follow. that will not be here until friday. south to southwest winds at 10. the winds on the bay will be increasing tomorrow. we are anticipating a small craft advisor in the afternoon and into the evening.
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-- small craft advisory in the afternoon. there is a slight chance for an evening's thunderstorms, but for the most part, it will be dry -- .slight chance for an evening thunderstorm. compared to where we have been, muggy, and then a nice relief comes in on friday. a partly cloudy saturday, and then maybe a thunderstorm later in the weekend. >> we not only explain the test, i demonstrated, so come on back. -- i demonstrate it.
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>> and the final white ball for this evening is -- tonight's mega ball -- if no one matches all six numbers, friday's jackpot is $33 million. good luck.
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>> think of today as training camp. in westminster. they did not go hitting each other yet. all of the vets arrive on friday. joe flacco keeping the new rookie's company. two practices per day, lots of meetings. over and over. methodical pace. all of that changes for the rookies at the end of the week when the rest of the veterans hit the field. >> friday, keypads come onthe e on.he pads com
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they forget because they are on, and then you get through that. with those pads on, they will be a little bit nervous. >> second round draft. terrence cody. players are not allowed to play until they pass the conditioning test. he has to pass before he can begin taking part in training camp workout. i asked the vice president of the ravens what the test consists of. he not only told me, but he asked me to try it so i could better understand what they go through. at the time, that sounded like a good idea. here is the drill. you have to run 25 yards up and back three times. in 35 seconds. that counts as one.
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six runs with only one minute 10 seconds rest between. terrence cody finished three runs. i just finished four. this is not going to be pretty. i am dying here. >> 34, 35, 36. >> technically, i just fail, but coach harbaugh let me slide. >> around back, all right to fight -- all right? >> i passed, and the coach says that now qualifies me to practice tomorrow. i was looking for a place where i could lay down and die. i feel like 12 bucks. as soon as terrence cody passes,
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he has my permission to come here and do a newscast. i can predict that he will pass this test. but i am going out on a limb there. kevin millwood has not done much. bottom of the first, jose bautista. a three-run variety. there was even flashy defense. escobar. that kind of a night, that kind of a season. 8-2. the orioles of only played 100 games so far, and they still have 62 games left. i promise you, it will be longer to do that than it took me to
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>> i feel sorry for cody tomorrow, 90 on thursday. >> good night. thanks for joining us. >> good night.
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by expanding the port, martin o'malley is creating the next generation of jobs right here in baltimore. 5700 hundred jobs... that means work for today... but even more jobs for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward.


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